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Additional Work

Objection To Bill

Example – When Sam and Julia got the bill for recent construction work on their home, they objected.

The bill was almost 40% higher than the agreed price. Lily knew that while the construction was on, heavy winds had blown some slates off the roof. The builders had been obliging and fixed the problem. But Julia felt that the bill was very high for ‘a few simple repairs’. So the couple refused to pay.

Dispute With Construction Company Cubitt Town

The building company insisted on their payment. They advised that it was all fair. Julia refused to pay and insisted on a revised bill. The stress was having an adverse effect on the couple’s life. Julia didn’t care even if the building company took them to court.

The company approached the couple. They suggested that both sides should meet in the presence of a mediator to discuss matters. Sam and Julia agreed.

They had checked the cost of going to court and their confidence was low. So they the couple and the builder met in the presence of a mediator. The mediator had a background in law and construction.

Mediation - Sam & Julia

Sam and Julia explained that they had asked the builder to build a kitchen extension. They’d wanted to convert their kitchen into a kitchen-cum-dining room. Then their growing family could sit and eat together.

During construction, there was a heavy storm in their locality. Some tiles had fallen from the roof. As the builders were present, Sam had requested them to fix the damage.

The company summoned their roofers. But as Julia explained, how could a few simple repairs be so expensive? The company were, in her opinion, taking advantage of the situation to make money.

Mediation Process

The builder agreed with Julia’s story, up to a point. They explained that their roofers had discovered flaws in the roof’s construction. No-one told the couple this when they’d purchased their house.

The builder had suggested immediate repairs. They had explained the cost involved. They advised Sam that it would be better to strengthen the roof. Especially while workers with roofing skills were available.

They advised that next time there was a heavy storm, the house would be strong. They even produced a document signed by Sam, agreeing to their suggestion. Sam claimed to have forgotten signing the document. He blamed that on the stressful situation he’d been dealing with at the time.

Resolution of the Building Dispute Cubitt Town

The company explained that its profit margin on the roofing job was quite minimal. They wanted payment of the materials used and the work done by their roofers. Adrian explained everything to the couple. It turned out that Julia had not understood how things had been with the roof.

She had not been in the house at the time. She and her children had been staying with relatives while Sam had been managing the work at home. Sam and Julia agreed to pay the bill. But they requested some time to do so. The builder agreed to accept payment in installments from the couple, at no extra cost.

Everyone agreed that the mediation had worked out well and avoided court

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